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Gun Oil Silicone
Premium silicone-based lubricant
BUY NOW from £11.16
Gun Oil H2O
Premier water-based lubricant
BUY NOW from £7.16
Gun Oil Gel
Water-based with natural antimicrobials
BUY NOW from £11.40
Gun Oil Loaded
Créme combo of water and silicone
BUY NOW from £11.40
Force Recon
Revolutionary hybrid gel
BUY NOW from £15.96
Stroke 29
Durable cream for consistent glide
BUY NOW from £15.16
Gun Oil Shine
Safely clean and protect your toys
BUY NOW from £7.60
Fetish by Gun Oil
Silicone dressing aid & garment conditioner
BUY NOW from £10.50
Watch Our "Valentine's Day" Commercial
Gun Oil's first-ever TV commercial went viral on YouTube. watch it here said: "The Year's Most Provocative Valentine's Day Ad Is Also One of Its Most Touching" read article